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Cash Monkey is a money service business operating in Nottingham and Derbyshire. We provide an outstanding service to our customers for all their cash needs.

Cash Monkey has been operating since 2013 when we opened our first store in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Our aim was to provide first class money services to our customers with fair rates and no hidden fees. Cash Monkey lets you convert your goods for instant cash, buy great products at bargain prices and cash your cheques. After two years of successful trading we opened a second store in Long Eaton in 2015. This expansion allowed the people of Nottingham to avail of our excellent cash services. Since then we have added additional services such as foreign exchange with a plan to offer money transfers and pawnbroking in the near future. Our latest store opened in Mansfield in 2018.

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Discover Cash Monkey's Journey

Cash Monkey Store - Ilkeston
Cash Monkey opens its first shop in Ilkeston
Cash Monkey Store - Long Eaton
May 2015
Cash Monkey opens its second shop in Long Eaton, Nottingham.
Cash Monkey Store - Mansfield
September 2018
Cash Monkey opens its third shop in Mansfield.

Meet the Monkeys

Grant Redfern

Managing Director